Travelling Exhibition

The works (sketches, illustrations, etc.) of illustrators of children books from the three countries were part of a joint travelling exhibition presented in Tirana, Naples and Tetovo. For seven days, the wide Albanian, Italian and Macedonian public was able to visit these exhibitions in their respective countries. The travelling exhibition was aimed at promoting the illustrators, whose works travelled in all three countries, thus creating new audiences and opportunities of collaboration.

Travelling Exhibition in Tirana (02-08 April 2018)

The Travelling Exhibition of illustrations in Tirana was organized at the National Historical Museum on April 2-8, 2018. For seven days, the Albanian public was able to visit this Exhibition aimed at promoting the illustrations and painters of children’s works. Gazmend Leka, a well-known painter and lecturer at the Academy of Arts in Tirana, at the opening ceremony of the exhibition said: “I consider it extraordinary, as it is mostly retrospective of the Albanian illustrations. It’s a very short walk through the years. Short but precious. Appears in front of us, as the first of its kind, since the formation of the Albanian state. “

Travelling Exhibition in Naples (16-22 April 2018)

“Di Fiaba in Fiaba” was the title of the Travelling Exhibition of illustrations and graphic works, part of the European project “Readers of the Future” promoted and co-funded by the European Commission (Creative Europe programme). The seven-day exhibition aimed at children and young people began on April 16, 2018. Bringing young people closer to art, “beauty” and reading, developing creativity and expressiveness was the goal of the initiative involving Italian, Albanian and Macedonian artists.


Travelling Exhibition in Tetovo (30 April-06 May 2018)

April 30 – May 6, 2018 was held in Tetovo, Macedonia the Travelling Exhibition for illustrations for children. During the exhibition, the numerous visitors, including pupils and students, have the opportunity to see the illustrations from our illustrators while explained by our moderator. This was an excellent experience for the young readers to meet the techniques and purposes of children illustrations. The exhibition was also enriched with many other activities, such as open debate between the writers, illustrators, publishing representatives and others, about the advantages and weaknesses in this sector.