About the project

This projec, drafted by three partners: Publishing House DITURIA (Albania), Publishing House Tabernakul (Macedonia) and L’Associazione Agenzia Arcipelago (Italy) is a project that on the one hand to meet the aim of transnational mobility, audience development and digitisation, in order to help artists (authors and illustrators) and their works to circulate internationally, to strengthen or reach new audiences and new markets, and from the other hand, to help the young reader to discover the pleasure of reading and of literature. Based on many experiences, Love of reading is more important for children’s educational success than any other factors, including family or social strata. The project will last for 21 months, divided in 5 main stages, each of them will have many diversified  and interactive activities with artists, children, young people, teachers, parents, etc.

General objectives of the project

– To support the capacity of cultural and creative sectors to interact internationally.

– To support the circulation of cultural and creative works, and the international mobility of cultural actors.

– To strengthen, widen, and diversify audiences.

– To encourage the internationalization of the career and works of young writers and artists.

– To draft a long-term strategy based on financial and statistical terms to increase the children audience for the book.

– To stimulate future collaboration and transnational circulation of authors and their works.

– To stimulate and give good models to the international children literature.

– To raise awareness of state organs on children’s literature as one of the main tools for cultural development of the child, and as a key to overcome barriers many times created by social, ethnic, religious complexes, etc.

– To strengthen the cooperation between cultural organizations & drawing attention toward public sector of publications as one of the important sectors of the economy.


Specific objectives of the project

– To encourage children and young people toward literature, by strengthening the strong reader and influencing on the weak readers, by educating even love for art, but also the assertiveness as future protagonists and artists.

– To stimulate authors, editors, artists for new creations, editions, and promotions, by emphasising the importance of each of them as part of this project.

– To give schools, pupils and cultural sector together the chance to work closely together to develop this project and others in future both in the short-term and potentially long-term.

– To encourage even the new talents among children in order to express themselves through  prose, poetry, music, photography, picture, film.

– To show how digital space can increase the overall experience of reading in children and youths.


This project has been supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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This project has been supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Creative Europe supports transnational cooperation projects involving cultural and creative organisations from different countries taking part in the programme.

It aims to improve access to European culture and creative works and to promote innovation and creativity.

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