Publishing House DITURIA is founded in 1991. DITURIA’s objective has been to contribute in development and modernization of Albanian culture through publication of important works. One of the main directions of DITURIA’S work is the publication of children literature. DITURIA not only published masterpieces of children’s literature, but has continually organized activities and projects related to the promotion of children’s, which play an important role in the education of children with love for literature: “Day of literature for children”, “Albanian Harry Potter”, “Language laboratories”, etc. DITURIA has published several books for children in digital format, becoming the first publisher of digital artistic literature for children. In nearly 24 years of its establishment, DITURIA has co-realized more than 50 cultural projects. It participates in international Book Fairs and activities, such as Frankfurt Book Fair, Bologna Book Fair, Salon du Livre du Paris, Torino Book Fair, Leipzig Book Fair. Since 1998 it is co-organizer of the National Tirana Book Fair, the greatest cultural annual event in Albania.


Tabernakul is the first private publishing house in the Republic of Macedonia, founded in 1989. Today, it is one of the leading publishing houses in Macedonia. Its main focus is the publishing of works in the field of literature, philosophy, theology, children’s literature, as well as works in the field of cultural history and art in Macedonia. Through its selection of teams of authors, its approach and the new graphic design, Tabernakul tries to establish new and higher standards in Macedonian textbook publishing. With the purpose of uniting the best and the most important works of the Macedonian opus, Tabernakul established the library “Founders”. Tabernakul pays special attention to children’s literature in its work. At its very beginning, Tabenakul published leading children’s writers in Macedonia. Tabernakul uses this type of directing its attention to the didactic approach to young readers in different ways. Tabernakul introduced the International Literary Award “Tabernakul”. All these activities, not only the special attention paid to children’s literature and the literature for the youngest ones, but also the rich experience in additional activities for bringing literature closer to young readers has made Tabernakul one of the most important publishing houses and one of the greatest cultural contributors in Macedonia.


L’Associazione Agenzia Arcipelago, founded in 1999, has conceived and implemented numerous cultural events and projects (social, educational, cultural ones), aimed at creating events and manifestations for youths, as well as innovative and experimental social services to fight marginalization and social exclusion, to stimulate the civil development of the territorial communities. This constant effort has been implemented in collaboration with public entities (with about 30 ones), and with the private and social ones (Tertiary Sector).

The development of Associazione Agenzia Arcipelago has been made possible thanks to the efforts of many artists, psychologists, social workers and researchers, and has led to increase of elements of values, such as: culture for the future generations, human sciences, solidarity (especially as concerning youths and social exclusion), social development, civil responsibility and active citizenship. These interventions have affected the collective mentality, offering young people and vulnerable groups opportunities of prevention, support, socialization and unity.

The Association deals with the prevention, training, planning in the field of social solidarity, and the fight against social exclusion on behalf of Public Entities, and of Private and Social Sectors, and gives priority to the disadvantaged citizens, through means of institutionalization of human services. The Association has put in service of the Local Authorities its long scientific research experience, studies and social interventions in the field of sociology, applied psychology, psychotherapy, social psychology, transformational anthropology, practices of social prevention (primary, secondary and tertiary), artistic shows (painting, dancing, theatre, music, puppets), and social planning. The Association aims to implement cultural projects and social interventions, research and promotional campaigns aimed at preventing the conditions for marginalization and social exclusion, in favour of children, adolescents, families without assistance: research and social intervention projects based on the reorganization of territorial welfare. The Association, among others, aims to promote a high level of social protection and the improvement of living standard of vulnerable groups, and of social cohesion.


ArbëriaDesign is established in 1993 as a small local printing house in Tetovo. The capacity of printing house, as a pioneer in private graphic industry in that time was good enough to satisfy the needs of the newly established private firms in the area of Tetovo. Following the trends & always having in mind that a good company is one that is always one step before the others, in 1995 ArbëriaDesign has established it’s own design studio, employing a few graphic designers .It turns to be a very good decision especially in 1998 when ArbëriaDesign signed a contract with German Bundeswehr (stationed in Tetovo as a member of NATO mission in the Balkans) for complete design & printing of the weekly magazine Maz & More. Nowadays ArbëriaDesign has developed in to one of the leading companies in Republic of Macedonia in the field of graphic services. It operates with few different divisions offering many kind of services in field of design, graphic, marketing, outdoor & indoor advertising etc