Film documentary: “Little friends of book”

In collaboration with MultiMediaStudio “NOSITI”, a film production house with many years of experience, a film documentary was produced about children’s access to books, without any social, gender or race differences, and about the best promotion of children’s literature. The documentary film has been transmitted on TV and can be easily accessed  on YouTube, social networks, and official project website, entitled “Readers of the Future”. The film documentary transmits promotional messages for the book and its reader. Here’s how the movie begins:

“A book can help us all live a better life, talk together about the pleasures of literature, art, knowledge, about the joy of discovering relationships between people, exercising our right to seek the sense of life and beauty , to experiment with freedom of imagination and the power of literature to change things. A book is a way to take an active part in our lives and society, a source of joy and satisfaction in our daily life.“