Final Conference of the Project “Readers of the Future”

In Tirana, on June 11, 2018, was organized the Final Conference of the Project “Readers of the Future”, with the participation of Macedonian and Italian partners, publishers, librarians, cultural and educational operators, journalists, representatives of educational and cultural institutions, etc. In the proceedings of this conference, which was widely reflected in the press some of the conclusions of the project “Readers of the Future” were discussed. Speakers and numerous speakers, after congratulations to the organizers of this project, expressed the need for the development of programs for the promotion of reading for children from an early age, as an investment for the future; the example of this project should encourage us to do the same thing to design the best policies to bring children closer to books and inject in them with love for reading. The conference proceedings followed this program:

Petrit Ymeri, Project Director, “Children and reading: a passion that should be cultivated! Results of the Project “Readers of the Future”.

Klement Zoraqi, Curator of the Travelling Exhibition, Books and Painting eEnrich the world of children.

Mariano pellegrino, representative from the Italian Partner, Results of the Project “Readers of the Future” in Italy

Kushtrim Arifi, representative from the Partner from Macedonia, Learning from each other: experience learned from the reading project in Macedonia

Lili Sula, University of Tirana, Pleasure of reading for students and work done by the school

Ermir Nika, Ministry of Culture, Reading Initiatives – part of the work of all cultural institutions

Pandeli Koçi, writer, To promote children’s literature, authors and translators

Project leader: Publishing House DITURIA, Tirana, Albania

Partner: Associazione Agenzia Arcipelago, Naples, Italy

Partner: Arbëria Design, Tetova, Macedonia

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