Workshop with topic: Manual and digital illustration, Prof. Dr. Sc. Safet Spahiu, with students of Faculty of Arts, Design study program

Students from the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Tetovo in Tetovo attended the Faculty of Arts, who also attended the presentation on the topic “Enigmatic as a learning tool” by Mr. Mensur Mamuti. Very successful presentation with many questions, exchanged opinions and acquired new knowledge. Within the activities for this day, a workshop was also realized in two days under the title “Manual and Digital Illustration” under the guidance of prof. Dr. Safet Spahiu and the numerous present students and interested persons. At the end of this day, an exhibition of illustrations for books for students from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Tetovo, a section of Graphic Design, under the mentorship of prof. Dr. Nora Halimi was organized.
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