Debate – What kind of books do primary school students in Tetovo read? – Travelling Exhibition in Tetovo

The exhibition was visited by pupils from the elementary schools “Naim Frasheri” and “Cyril and Methodius”, where the illustrations were shown and together with the moderator reviewed the exhibited works. Immediately afterwards, a debate was organized with children on the topic “What kind of book I want to read” which caused huge interest and satisfaction among children who wanted to express their favorite books. This debate was particularly successful because of the great responsiveness and motivation of children to debate on such a topic. In the frames of the debate, a presentation of the technique of screen printing was held where our experts, Mr. Kushtrim Arifi and Mr. Salajdin Nuhiu, presented the technique of “screen printing” in front of the present children, for which all this was a great experience. Of course, all of this was under the watchful eye of the media that documented the event and presented it to the public.

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