Workshop – Travelling Exhibition in Naples

On 17 April, from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm, in the presence of professors, intellectuals, operators, foreign and Italian guests (artists and operators), Klement Zoraqi, Entela Kasemi, Sulid Kasemi, Ilir Zaloshnja, Anna Crevatin, Luigi Guarino, Francesco Pio Ponsiglione, Roberto Sanchez, Useini Djevit, Jetmir Hamzai, Dzevit Useini, Abduli Zuhra, Angela La Torre, Giuseppe Errico, Gianni Di Costanzo, Aldo Putigliano, Diego Guida, an important conference was held in the spaces managed by the Associazioni Movimento Famiglie/Guida alla Lettura.

The seminar represented a significant moment of exchange and reflection among the representatives of the three partner countries of the “Readers of the future” project in order to deepen the relationship between books, fairy tales and art (illustrations).

The conference was open to various approaches to the problem of the book (books and fairy tales, books and use of art, disadvantaged books and boys): artistic, narrative, linguistic and / or literary, cognitive and / or stylistic, interdisciplinary approaches. Exchanges between operators and artists on books and fairy tales were encouraged. Significant the presence of numerous teachers and school managers, particularly attentive to the potential of the initiative and its importance with respect to the school world. The initiative was curated by the psychologist Giuseppe Errico of the Associazione Arcipelago Onlus Association. Among the objectives pursued: bringing young people closer to graphic art, “beauty” and reading, developing creativity and expressiveness.

The initiative, which involved several artists and young people in a debate, represents one of the final moments of the long work carried out in Padula, Tirana, Skopje, aimed at sensitizing the reading, within the activities of the European project Readers of the future.

The children’s mind asks for conflict, the transformation and the fairy tale does not traumatize them: it prepares them for life. They have a magical-symbolic value and represent something other than what they tell: pain, goodness, beauty, struggle for survival, free evil, abandonment in the forest, lack of protection for children. The mental contrast between what the child hears and what lives in everyday life is the most important aspect, because it will strengthen its position in the world. It is a symbolic mechanism of the mind (Rodríguez Almodóvar). The story of Hansel and Gretel, who, before the oral transmission system disappeared, tells us that someday you will have to leave home, so you might as well know that life is a difficult journey. But also you can do it. It is a symbolic message that makes the child prepare for the adventure of life. Finding yourself suddenly in the forest of life without having the necessary tools to orient yourself is much worse than listening to a fairy tale.

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