Press release – “Di Fiaba in Fiaba” – Fairy tales on Exhibition for a European meeting between artists and operators

Press Release

Di Fiaba in Fiaba

Fairy tales on Exhibition for a European meeting between artists and operators

Di Fiaba in Fiaba is the title of the third stage (the other two stages are just held in Tirana and Tetovo) of the exhibition of illustrations and graphic works part of the European Coperation Project “Readers of the Future” (website http: // readersofthefuture. com / it / home_en /) promoted and co-funded by the European Commission (Creative Europe Programme), which involves artists and illustrators from three countries (Italy, Albania and Macedonia), and the partners: Publishing house DITURIA, which is the project leader (Tirana, Albania), Agenzia Arcipelago Onlus/A.P.S.  (Naples, Italy) and Arberia Design (Tetovo, Macedonia), in collaboration with Associazione Guida alla Lettura. 

The seven-day exhibition, aimed primarily at the world of children and youth, begins on April 16, 2018 with a conference (at 5.00 pm / 7.00 pm) in Naples at the Editori Publishing house and is curated by the psychologist Giuseppe Errico dell Archipelago Agency Association. Bringing young people closer to graphic art, “beauty” and reading, developing creativity and expressiveness is the aim of the initiative involving Italian, Albanian and Macedonian artists.

The event will be held from April 16 to 22 in the Spazio Guida room with a program of appointments, in some schools in Campania, meetings with Italian and foreign designers.

The initiative, which will involve various artists and young people, constitutes – explains the responsible Angela La Torre – one of the final moments of the long work held in Tirana and Skopye, aimed at raising awareness in the reading of the European project Readers of the future. These are expressive and creative actions aimed at young people and above all the pupils of the schools of Campania.

The aim – continues the psychologist Giuseppe Errico, coordinator of the project – will be to create a social and artistic event (which will then be implemented also in Tirana eTetota) in order to promote ancient stories, books, the art of painting as a path of social prevention. In today’s society there is an urgent need to promote creativity, the desire to write and draw stories and fairy tales (even those related to our tradition as the legends of Munaciello, Bella ‘Mbriana, the Sibilla Cumana) in order to build valid paths to fight hardship.

This is an important occasion, continues Petrit Ymeri, director of the project and of the publishing house DITURIA, to be able to intervene on children in schools and in outlying areas of the city, to rediscover the value of reading and illustration in an era in which our kids prefer video games and internet to a good book.

Participate with their works: Ilir Zaloshnja, Entela Kasemi,  Klement Zoraqi, Anna Crevatin, Francesco Pio Ponsiglione, Roberto Sanchez,  Xhevit Useini, Zuhra Abduli.

Opening Ceremony with the presence of: Angela La Torre, Giuseppe Errico, Diego Guida, Adriatik Duka, Jetmir Hamzai.

All the works will be exhibited from the 16th to the 22nd of April 2018 at the publishing house “Guida Editori”.

The organs of information are invited.


Aniello Sammarco

Communication Manager

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