International Seminar with publishers and booksellers from 3 partner countries with topic “Problems of publication of children’s books”

International Seminar

On March 17th, 2018, in the Framework of the Festival was organized the International Seminar with with publishers and booksellers from the 3 partner countries (AL, IT, MK) about “Problems of publication of children’s books”, with the participation of publishers, booksellers, writers, Albanian and foreign ones, representatives of cultural and educational institutions, etc.

At the seminar (in which discussed Mr. Gëzim Tafa, Director of Publishing House Ombra GVG, Mrs. Anila Bisha, Director of Publishing House Mediaprint, Prof. Lili Sula, literary scholar, pedagogue, University of Tirana, Mrs. Angela la Torre, representative ofAgenzia Associazione Arcipelago, Mr. Giovanni di Costanzo, Italian publisher, etc.) was made a reflection on some of the phenomena characterizing the editorial panorama for children’s literature in Europe in general and in Albania in particular (such as: press and quality of illustrations, relations between publishers, authors, translators, bookstores, the best selection of titles, problems of the language of children’s books, etc.), recommendations on reading dynamics, influence on society and in state policies for reading and centralizing the promotion of the book as a basic tool for shaping the new reader and new plans for supporting reading with libraries and bookstores were proposed they.

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