My name is Ilijana Gocieva

My name is Ilijana Gocieva. I am sixth grade in Kole Kaninski, Bitola. I have participated in many theater plays, various projects and competitions.

Books are my greatest love, but I also enjoy writing and painting. I have many notebooks filled with short stories and drawings that I created. Thriller and science fiction are my favorite genres, so my works are often written in that manner, even though I also use elements of tragedy and comedy.

I find the greatest inspiration in the everyday life, the world around us, the way the world functions and what it could become when the technology will be even more developed.

I have many desires and imaginations about my future and the profession I would choose. At this moment I can not decide, but I would be happy if I could have several professions like a graphic illustrator, so I could draw comics and manga, or a fashion designer or a writer, or maybe videogames developer or a famous director.

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