My name is Andrej Beleshkov.

My name is Andrej Beleshkov.

I am 11 years old and go to Petar Pop Arsov elementary school in Skopje, 5th grade in the class of Mrs. Mimoza Dragutinovska.

My desire for drawing stems from the stories and books I read, when I attempt to imagine the characters and the events.

Books entice my vivid imagination and the desire to invent, to draw and to create new things.

I would like to become a software engineer and a video game designer when I grow up.

Also, when I grow up, I would like to do something that would influence the nature in a manner that it won’t be polluted, to be ecologically clean so that the air in Skopje would be clear, all the allergies gone and so that we could live healthy and happily.



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