sara tahiraj


Sara Tahiraj, Winner of the second place, with topic “Dear author”, Vlora.

I go to the 5th grade, school “Drita e Dijes”.

Question: Do you like writing or it happened just by chance?

No it was not by chance. I like to put my thoughts in paper. Writing is and will be always be a reality of my life, of which I will never quit.

Question: What books do you read? Which is the latest book you have read?

Books which I mostly read are mainly the novels. They keep enriching my vocabulary. Te latest book I have read is “Grandpa’s Great Escape”. I just finished it yesterday.

Question: Which do you like most, Albanian or foreign literature?

I read a lot, and I like mostly the foreign literature. From this literature there are many publications: novels, short stories which I really like. But I like as well dancing and painting.

Question: Have you ever thought of what you will become when you grow up, or it is still too early?

I can’t give an exact response concerning my future profession, but for the moment I would like to become a well-known writer. Something that makes me love this profession day by day is the strong feeling to prove living in the word that “I myself” have created, and not in the real world.

Question: Did you expected this prize?

As concerning the prize… yes I did, thanks to my mother who kept encouraging me.

Many thanks t teacher Arbana Rusha Beqiraj, that provided us the short interview of Sara.

sara tahiraj
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