Let’s meet the winners of the competition #READERSOFTHEFUTURE. Winner of the third place in painting.

Let’s meet Robert Ujkaj, winner of the third place in painting with topic “Colors of Anne Frank” School “Rogacionistët”, Lezha


Congratulations Robert.


1.Can you write a few words about yourself?

I am greatly attracted by the surreal art and the pursuit of mystery. Especially its creation by me, myself.

  1. You are a pupil of …

I am a pupil of school Rogacionistët, Lezha, in the 10th grade – B. Ttruly speaking, the fact that I am part of this school makes me very happy.

  1. Do you like writing or this was just by chance that you…

Writing is part of my being, and now it isn’t anymore a hobby, but a necessity to express myself. I not only like writing, but it is a mirror of my emotions.

  1. Which books do you read? Which is the most recent book that you have read?

The latest book I have read is “The Da Vinci Code”. I likes mystery and philosophical books.

  1. Which do you like most, Albanian or foreign literature?

I like most the foreign literature

  1. What are your other hobbies?

rap music is my greatest pleasure, because it is the epitome of modern poetry.

  1. What profession do you want to have in life?

My desire is to become a politician, so that I can expose and put into action the humanism and the vision of my verses and paintings.

  1. Tell us something about your passion for the picture, when did it start, what do you usually paint, and what does inspire you?

The painting has been my refuge since I was a little child. The place where I was admitted and could express myself without being ashamed. Starting from the pages of primary school books, school banks, father’s work papers. As the talent grew, the consent of others and my devotion were infinite. Always inspiration arises at inadequate moments like, at 3:00 AM, at the middle of the lesson, and when it’s time to study. My self-confidence is always shaken, even though I can say that today I say without fear who I am.

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