Let’s meet the winners of the competition #READERSOFTHEFUTURE. Winner of the third place in literature.


I am Fjoralba Shyti, The only child of my two parents. I live in a private house, surrounded by flowers and trees. The beautifully organized courtyard with a playground is my inspiration. I spend hours in nature, I even study there. I am a very good student, and I insist on achieving success, and do not retreat despite the difficulties. I always look for the correct answer.

I go to the 7th grade, school “Demokracia” Mamurras, Kurbin.

Writing has always been my passion. Since I was a little child I have kept a diary. It’s years of writing poems and especially fairy tales, which I like to illustrate with drawings. The desire to write the essay “Dear author” grew after the announcement of the competition and at that moment I was reading the novel ” Shpella e piratëve “. I would like to collect my creations in a book.

I read a lot of books, novels, fairy tales, legends, etc. The love for books has been conveyed by my parents, which are both passionate about books. At home I also have a library. The most recent book I have read is “Meriyll” of V. Canosinaj.

I am very fond of Albanian literature. I also read foreign authors. I can mention the title “Heart” of Edmond de Amici. I like the fables of La Fonten, Aesop.

apart from literature, I have many other hobbies. I like to paint, play the piano, sports, and so on. From the school subjects I like mostly the exact sciences and especially astronomy. I dream of becoming an astronaut, to observe the planets.

What do you think you will become when you grow up?

As I have said in the essay, I would very much like to be a writer. I am happy to have this capability and would like to make use of it. I don’t know what I’m going to do in the future, as now I’m too young to decide. One thing is certain: I will follow my dream.

Fjoralba Shyti

Date of birth 22.09.2004

7th grade

Secondary school, “Demokracia”

Mamurras, Kurbin

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