Let’s meet the winners of the competition #readersofthefuture. We have asked each of the winners  to write a few words about themselves.

Xhorxhian Gjoncari, winner of the third place, with topic “What is Anne Frank for me!”- School “Elitë”, Vlora

Hello! I am Xhorxhian Gjoncari and I come from the city of Vlora. Literature and creativity for me have been a dream since I was a little child, and I started to write gradually.

This competition aroused in me this dream and gave it the possibility of becoming real, and I believe it opened new doors in my life. I like to experiment with my creativity by bringing a style why not new to my generation. What inspires me, and where I am concentrating mostly, is to see the philosophical and at the same time the conspiratorial-fictional side. It seems to me that it pushes me further towards growth, both in literature and in communicative and scientific values.

One of the favourite books I can mention is the book by the well-known writer Dan Brown “Inferno”. The artistic, philosophical, fantastic and historical adaptation is one of the things I mostly admire about this author. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that I am fascinated by the fact that at the centre of this work I see the great Italian Renaissance writer, Dante Alighieri.

A strong dilemma continues to stay in my choices: Albanian literature or foreign and world literature? I feel happy and proud that authors, such as Ismail Kadare or Dritero Agolli, but also older ones, such as Mjeda, Fishta, Frashëri etc., have raised the profile of our literature, by giving strong bases to the formation of a literary identity. My choice would undoubtedly be world literature, because what our generation is looking for is difficult to be found in the Albanian literature. I think this literature is still in its first steps, and the time needed for reaching a world-wide level will be far too long.

Another field of art which attracts me is the music: Music gives soul even to the universe, which in its infinity often feels empty.

Of course the school and teaching subjects are also of interest to me. I like very much physics, chemistry, maths etc.

As concerning the future? It is still a dozens of thoughts, of which I would have the possibility to make the choice of my life. I think this competition will greater increase in me the desire for literature and art, and why not make it an indivisible part of my life. For a person who is passionate about conspiracy works, just like me, it is difficult to see just one single point and follow it as the way of his life. Maybe it’s too early for this.

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