Publication of books

Part of this project will be the publication of three volumes, with about 100 pages each, which will be translated in the three languages (Albanian, Macedonian, Italian): one (book and e-book) with creations of the authors involved in this project; one (book and e-book) with fairytales from the three partner countries; and one (e-book only) with creations of children attained by the competitions at schools. The book editions will be donated to school and public libraries, while the e-book publications will be distributed for free at the project and partners websites even beyond the duration of the project.

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National Competition “Readers of the Future” in Albania, Macedonia, and Italy

Competition “Readers of the Future”, part of the project Readers of the future, was organised from 20th February 2017 to 20th April 2017, simultaneously in Albania, Macedonia and Italy.

e book that you have now in your hands has three parts: the rst part in Albanian language, which includes the best creations of Albanian students, Macedonian students (translated into Albanian), and Italian students (translated into Albanian).

e second part of the book is in Macedonian language. It includes the best creations of Macedonian students, Albanian students (translated into Macedonian), and Italian students (translated into Macedonian).

e third part of the book is in Italian. It includes the best creations of Italian students, Albanian students (translated into Italian), and Macedonian students (translated into Italian).

Competition “Readers of the Future” in Albania

is competition, supported by Creative Europe Programme, had a wide participation in Albania. More than 600 creations were considered by Jury, from di erent schools from all over Albania, after the rst selection of more than 1500 creations, made by teachers of literature of the respective schools.

e Jury, chaired by Mr. Pandeli Koçi, writer, and composed of Mrs. Erida Koleci, specialist of literature, Mrs. Adriatike Lami, writer and poet, Mrs. Lindita Isu , teacher of literature, Vlora, and Mr. Klement Zoraqi, painter