– To support the capacity of cultural and creative sectors to interact internationally.

– To support the circulation of cultural and creative works, and the international mobility of cultural actors.

– To strengthen, widen, and diversify audiences.

– To encourage the internationalization of the career and works of young writers and artists.

– To draft a long-term strategy based on financial and statistical terms to increase the children audience for the book.

– To stimulate future collaboration and transnational circulation of authors and their works.

– To stimulate and give good models to the international children literature.

– To raise awareness of state organs on children’s literature as one of the main tools for cultural development of the child, and as a key to overcome barriers many times created by social, ethnic, religious complexes, etc.

– To strengthen the cooperation between cultural organizations & drawing attention toward public sector of publications as one of the important sectors of the economy.



With the pupils of secondary schools in various cities of each region, in the months from February to April, will be organised creativity competitions: in literature and painting.
The purpose of the competition will be: to promote creativity, the desire to write stories, to arise the imagination, to make children protagonists of the literary creation, but also to help them find another opportunity where children express themselves about their rights to learn and read.


From October to December 2016, in three countries (Albania, Macedonia and Italy) were distributed 3 000 questionnaires, 1 000 for each country.

The subject was schools in the city centres, but also in the suburbs of the cities, where usually live disadvantaged groups of society.



Part of this project will be the publication of three volumes, with about 100 pages each, which will be translated in the three languages (Albanian, Macedonian, Italian): one (book and e-book) with creations of the authors involved in this project; one (book and e-book) with fairytales from the three partner countries; and one (e-book only) with creations of children attained by the competitions at schools. The book editions will be donated to school and public libraries, while the e-book publications will be distributed for free at the project and partners websites even beyond the duration of the project.


The works (sketches, illustrations, etc.) of illustrators of children books from the three countries will be part of a joint travelling exhibition to be presented in Tirana, Pozzuoli and Skopje. For seven days, the wide Albanian, Italian and Macedonian public will be able to visit these exhibitions in their respective countries. The travelling exhibition is aimed at promoting the illustrators, whose works will be travelling in all three countries, thus creating new audiences and opportunities of collaboration.



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