Festival: All books are important

At three different periods, in Tirana (Albania), Napoli/Campodimele/Formia (Italy), and Skopje (Macedonia) for the first time will take place such a big event with these three countries in focus, a festival for children. These periods will serve as the culmination of the project. The Festival will specifically aim: transnational mobility, audience development, but will create opportunities for children and youths, and even for their parents, to share experience in an array of different art forms and styles, to introduce new promotional and presenting programs.

The festival will include tens of events (workshops, roundtables, meetings with writers, creative labs, reading, acting and painting corners, etc.), involving over 100 artists and thousands of children and young people.


Padula 12-14th of May 2017


The Italian edition of “All Books are Important” is the first step on a common path towards integration wanted by Albania, Italy, and Macedonia, whose cultural diversity has been a source of enrichment for the readers of the future. Publishers and writers from the above-mentioned countries started an intercultural dialogue with the students, marked by exchange and mutual understanding, but also an intergenerational dialogue, that helped young people and adults to discover the pleasure of reading.

The event, part of the project “Readers of the Future” cofounded by European Commission, took place in the suggestive Padula Charterhouse, UNESCO heritage, from 12-14th of May 2017. It was organized by the Association Agency Arcipelago Onlus (represented by Angela La Torre, expert in policies for children and adolescents, as president, and Giuseppe Errico, psychologist and europlanner, as coordinator of the project) with the sponsorship of the Assessorato for Education and Social policies of Regione Campania, the municipality of Padula and the Province of Salerno, in collaboration with the publishing houses DITURIA (Tirana) and Tabernakul (Skopje) and the Lions Club Padula-Certosa di San Lorenzo.

At the opening, on May 12th at 10:00 there were many writers, publishers (Guida Editori, Homo Scrivens, and many others), teachers, pupils and politicians. It was a very important institutional moment that pointed out difficulties, possibilities and solutions to realize in close synergy in order to bring young people close to art and culture. In the morning the pupils who took part in the competition “Thousand reasons to read and +. Ideas for the promotion of reading”, realizing drawings, illustrated books and short stories, received a prize. All their works have been exhibited in the Charterhouse’s cave. About a thousand pupils of Campania’s schools participated in the event.