Competitions in schools

With the pupils of secondary schools in various cities of each region, in the months from February to April, will be organised creativity competitions: in literature and painting.

The purpose of the competition will be: to promote creativity, the desire to write stories, to arise the imagination, to make children protagonists of the literary creation, but also to help them find another opportunity where children express themselves about their rights to learn and read.

Project: Readers of the Future

Open call for a literary and drawing competition

Publishing House Tabernakul, Macedonia


Topic for pupils grades 2 to 5:

In the world of tales: a day with my favorite hero of my favorite tale

We expect pupils to choose their favorite tales and heroes and to join their adventures in a way that they will illustrate via a poem, a short story or a drawing the most exciting moment of the tale they chose.
If pupils opt to write a poem it should have at least three stanzas.
The short story should be 1-2 pages long.

Topic for students grades 5 to 9:

Little Red Riding Hood from our street met the Wolf on Twitter/Facebook

We expect of students to create a contemporary version of some tale, transferring the event and the hero in actual, contemporary conditions.
Stories 2-3 pages will be considered.
The best written works will be published in an e-book, while the best drawings will be displayed at events organized within the project Readers of the Future.
All pupils/students from all primary schools in the Republic of Macedonia are eligible to apply.


Project: Readers of the Future

Open call for a literary and drawing competition

Associazione Agenzia Arcipelago O.N.L.U.S, Italy


The initiative is one of the moments of the awareness campaign by the Agency organized the reading Onlus Archipelago in collaboration with European partners Dituria (Albania) and Tabernakul (Macedonia) within the framework of the European project activities “Readers of the future” and part of the competition of ideas and expressive and creative actions aimed at students of the Campania (design schools, wrote the story, video clips).


Ideas for the promotion of reading

Focus: fairy tales and myths

A slogan, a commercial and a drawing to infect the love for books and reading.
– To stimulate in children and teens reflection on the relationship they have with reading, the book, the emotions;
– Enhancing the role that schools and libraries play for years to spread among young people the value of books and reading.
Focus of the projects
Fairy tales, myths and popular legends
Pupils aged 6 to 14 years of schools of the Campania Region.


Publishing House DITURIA launches the Competition in Literature and Painting at the Ministry of Education and Sports


Rules of participation in the National Competition in Literature and Painting

Project “Readers of the Future”

This competition in literature and painting is a contribution in education and reading. Hundreds of pupils that will participate in competition will express their talent, their creative spirit and will be encouraged to read more.

  1. The competition starts on 20th February and closes on 31st March. after this phase starts the final selection from a Jury of specialists.
  2. Participation in the first edition of the National Competition in Literature and Painting of the project “Readers of the Future” is opened for pupils of secondary schools and high school students of first grade, for the age group 11-17 years old.

Associazione Agenzia Arcipelago O.N.L.U.S

Final report



Creative ideas for reading promotion

 This is an important initiative dedicated to reading and children’s creativity through a slogan, a spot and a drawing to convey love for books and reading. The main objects are:
– To stimulate in children and teens a reflection on their relation with reading, books and emotions;
– To exploit the role that school and libraries have carried out for years to diffuse the value of book and reading in young people
The initiative is part of the reading awareness campaign organized by the Association and Agency Arcipelago Onlus in collaboration with the european partners Dituria (Albania), Tabernakul (Macedonia), the municipality of Padula and the Lions Club Padula-Certosa di San Lorenzo, through the project “Readers of the future” co-funded by European Commission. It started with the competition of ideas and expressive creative actions for schoolchildren of Campania (drawing, short stories, video-spot).

The final event – exhibition of works made by pupils 6 to 14 years old and the award ceremony – took place in Padula Charterhouse on 12 May 2017 in the presence of the local and regional authorities and many guests (writers, artist, publishers) from Italy, Albania, Macedo-nia.