Workshop with translators of children literature: “Children literature in translation: Challenges and startegies”

Translation of children’s literature requires special translation skills that take into account the type of language, interweaving of text with images, and with cultural and intertextual references in relation to the reader’s cognitive abilities and emotive maturity. Today, good literature is translated in Albania. But, how is it translated? Dos the translator properly “transmit” the voice of the writer from one language to another language? Promotion of good books and translation.

In panel: Edmond Tupja, Dhurata Shehri, Erion Kristo, Anxhela Cikopano,  Diego Guida, Agim Doksani, Albana Nexhipi, Klara Kodra, Giuseppe Errico,  Flavia Kaba, Lindita Kadriu, Salajdin Salihu.

Moderator Mariana Ymeri
#ReadersftheFuture #Creativeeurope

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