“All Books Are Important”

The second day the festival continued with a panel called “All Books Are Important”.

The festival was greeted by the representatives of the three partners in the project: Ms. Mariana Ymeri from the publishing house Dituria from Albania, the project holder, Ms. Angela la Torre from the Agency Archipelago from Italy and the director of Tabernakul, Macedonia, Cvetan Vrazhivirsky, a children’s writer and a poet who declared the festival open and welcomed the guests.

First session: Read a lot, and even more!

The renowned book publisher for children from Albania, Ms. Mariana Imeri of Tirana read her paper called “Creating new readers and its rise as an imperative”.

The Doctor of Psychology Giuseppe Erico of Napoli talked on the topic of “Reading from the earliest of age, a factor of emotional development” and also on the wonderful experience of the first meeting of writers from the three countries held in Padula, Italy.

Professor Ilina Jakimovska talked about “Children’s literature in the time of MainCraft” and gave an impressive comparison of reading books that were badly written and have already become part of the past and reading through the electronic media and their appeal to the children, including the attractiveness of the profession You Tuber .

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