Meet the authors!

Discussion – All books are important: Read a lot, more and more!

continued with the presentation of the writer Vanco Polazarevski on the topic “How are they related: the tablet and the book”?

Second session: Different, yet the same.

The psychologist and organizer of many events in the field of culture and art Angela La Torre presented her paper “Encouraging Reading among Marginalized Groups: Experiences from Schools in Naples”.

In the program, Maria Todorova participated in the video beam program with her article “Books for children which teach inclusion and acceptance”

The reputable children’s writer Diana Culi from Albania read out her paper “How to teach children of tolerance and love for cultures other than their own through books?”

Third Session: Meet the Authors!

Thereafter came the performance of the famous Macedonian children’s writer and editor in Ars Lamina,  Biljana Crvenkovska, who talked about her work titled “Children in the Library of Secrets”.

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