Reading is cool!

The opening of the Children’s Literature Festival “Readers of the Future”: Reading is cool! with the presence of guests, writers, editors, illustrators from Italy and Albania, domestic authors and a large number of students from Skopje schools. The attendees could immediately get acquainted with the program, see an exhibition of children’s drawings on the topic of readingd from Macedonia and review the exhibited books.

The program continued with the presentation of guests from Albania, renowned children writers. Among them was the extremely prolific writer Pandeli Kochi.

His speech named “With reading comes courage”, bore personal experience through many anecdotes entwined in the creation of works that are very popular in his country. The children asked interesting questions about  inspiration, the topics chosen for the written books,  how to be famous … and Mr. Pandeli Koçi was only pleased to answer them.

A writer from Albania, also known for her works, Diana Çuli talked about her beginnings, the meaning of reading in  her lecture entitled “A beak for a Beak” (how to write news?).

The meeting with the children continued with performances of the  writers of children literature in Macedonia, Fejzi Bojku and Vanco Polazarevski, who talked about  inspiration, about how a creative act such as writing can transform us into people who are much more interesting through creation.

The writer Fejzi Bojku aquainted the children with his work and at the same time talked about his creative approach through reading many poems and books, whose life experiences have been transfered into many written works.

He read several of his poems saying that reading good books in his childhood was an exciting and useful adventure.

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