Mythical fairy tale encounters

The first day of the festival through the workshop on the topic “Mythological genealogy: myth-fairy-tale encounters with the old Slavic gods”, the professor and writer Dr. Nina Anastasova-Skrinjaric managed to raise great interest among the young audience with the vivid presentation of the attributes of the old Slavic gods, Perun, then Veles and their mutual constant clash. She did a comparison of the ancient myths with our myths that should never be forgotten.

Young listeners participated in such a way that, after listening to the lecture, they drew and wrote on the topic of experiencing the characters of the gods of our right-wing advocates.

Then the program continued with the performance of one of the most wittiest Macedonian writers for children Cvetan Vrazhivirsky who talked about how a “poem” is crafted. In fact, he described the process characteristic of his way of creating verses.

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