At Certosa di Padula the first international Book Festival

La Certosa di San Lo­renzo a Pa­dula, will be transformed  into a large library, open to the young people of Campania. “All books are important”, is the first stage of three itinerant editions (Padula,  Skopje, Tirana,) of the Book Festival scheduled from May 12th to 14th 2017 in the Salerno municipality organized by the non-profit Association Agenzia Arcipelago Onlus.

The event, open to the public, organized as part of the project “Readers of the Future” organized by Agenzia Arcipelago Onlus in partnership with the Albanian Publishing House DITURIA, from Tirana, and Publishing House Tabernakul, from Skopje, Macedonia, promoted and co-funded by the European Commission (“Creative Europe Programme”) and involving three countries (Italy, Albania and Macedonia), is sponsored by the Department of Education and Social Policies of the Campania Region and the collaboration of the Municipality of Padula-Department of Culture, and Lions Club Certosa San Lorenzo Padula.

The event will offer thirty events including meetings, seminars, conferences and events with authors, writers and designers, musical performances, workshops on reading aloud and creative writing under the direction of Angela La Torre, responsible for the European project and the coordination of the psychologist Giuseppe Errico. “The Festival – says Angela La Torre, expert in politics for childhood and adolescence – is dedicated to all those who love to marvel with a book, fairy tales and art (music and theater).

An innovative event that welcomes artists, psychologists, writers, publishers (Diego Guida, Aldo Putignano and others), intellectuals, illustrators from Albania, Italy and Macedonia with animated readings, workshops, artistic performances, seminars, bookshops and shows. The initiative is also aimed at bringing people with social disadvantages, children and young people closer to the world of art, creativity and, more generally, to the fantastic universe of books. In general, the project on the one hand meets the objective of transnational mobility, public development and digitization, in order to help artists (authors and illustrators) and their work to ‘travel’ on an international circuit, to strengthen and reach new readers and new markets; on the other hand, it aims to help young readers to discover the pleasure of reading books “.

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