Opening Conference of the European Cooperation Project “Readers of the Future”

#ReadersOfTheFuture, The Cooperation Project between Publishing House DITURIA, Publishing House TABERNAKUL, Macedonia, and the Associazione Agenzia ARCIPELAGO ONLUS, Italy, that will be implemented with the support of the Creative Europe Programme, made its first successful step.

At the Friend’s Book House Bookshop, on 27 September 2016, was organised the presentation of this important project, in a Conference where participated writers, poets, personalities of art and literature, teachers and school directors, sociologists, painters, journalists of press and media, etc.

The Conference was opened by Mr. Petrit Ymeri, general director of the project, who provided some general information about the project, to whom it is directed, the period of its timeline, its goals, how many people will be involved in the project, as protagonists and as an audience, which are the international partners and especially which are the expectations o the project. Mr. Petrit Ymeri discussed about the work done for this Project, supported by the Creative Europe Programme, from the staff of DITURIA, which is leader of this “three dimensional” project and put the emphasis on the main activities of the project.

The project, which aims in the first place to promote reading in children, will start with a survey among pupils of 6-16 years old, on the habits of reading, which will be developed by the three partners, on the same age group, accompanied with a study and comparison of results among them, that will be even the axis of the International Seminar on children publishing, to be organised In April 2017; with workshops for publishers and translators; literary competitions for children in different schools; painting competitions for children and youths. The culminating even of the Project will be the three days Festival with topic “All Books are Important”, where there will be organised various activities, books exhibitions, musical bands, reading corners, painting exhibitions, etc.

The moving exhibition of illustrators of children books, which will open in the three partner countries, the publication of 3 book of children literature from the three partner countries and a film documentary, will help in exchange of experiences and will widen the audience.

In response to the question of a journalist, Mr. Ymeri talked about the strategy of this project: the careful drafting of the plan of activities, the respective budgets, the selected specialists that will be collaborators in the project: writers, sociologists, painters, experts of the field; possible partners such as libraries, bookshops, Faculty of Philology, UT, Writers associations, and especially collaboration with schools and parents.

As concerning the literary aspect of the projects discussed Mr. Pandeli Koçi, a well-known children writer, who invited the initiators of this project to extend this project in the city suburbs and in marginalised children.

Mr. Gëzim Qendro, explained why painting is an important tool in the free artistic and moral formation of children, and emphasized the place of this voice in the project and especially the collaboration with partners in the field of painting in children books.

Prof. Lili Sula, Head of Department of Literature, at the Faculty of History and Philology, University of Tirana, in her speech showed the willingness to cooperate in this project and especially now that in the curricula of the Faculty has been involved even the subject of Children literature.

In this Conference there has been discussions, questions and answers from participants and journalists, such as from the President of the Association of Children and Young Adult Literature, Mr. Riza Braholli, the literary critic Mr. Behar Gjoka, the librarian Mr. Vladimir Muhedini etc., who not only confirmed and showed the importance of this initiative in the poor market of promotion of children literature, but also joined to this initiative, as possible partners.

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